Eastbound US 60 freeway lanes through Tempe reopened May 15 following a water main break in the area May 7, according to a news release from the city of Tempe.

The eastbound US 60 off-ramp at McClintock Drive will remain temporarily closed due to equipment staged in the area, according to city officials.

Left turns from the southbound McClintock Drive overpass to enter the freeway going east will be restored, and the southbound McClintock curb lane are reopened—but left turns from northbound McClintock to enter west on the freeway will remain closed. Restrictions that remain on or near the overpass are due to the work happening on the water line repair.

Work is progressing on reconstructing the westbound US 60 lanes at McClintock, according to the city. About 34,000 square feet of the old roadway has been demolished and removed. Material removed will be used by the Arizona Department of Transportation for backfill for other projects.

As of May 15, there was not a confirmed cause of the May 7 water main break. Cost estimates for the reconstruction work are not yet available, according to the city.

The break in the 24-inch steel cylinder water transmission line is not under the freeway itself; it is behind a retaining wall near the top of the McClintock Drive westbound off-ramp, according to the city. The off-freeway location has allowed city crews and contractors to repair the water line independent of the freeway repair work and reopening, according to the city.

Westbound US 60 remains closed between the Loop 101 and McClintock Drive.