There are 145 long-term care facilities in Maricopa County that have had either a resident or a staff member test positive for COVID-19, according to data from Maricopa County Public Health.

Residents of long-term care facilities—including skilled nursing facilities, assisted-living facilities, rehabilitation facilities and hospice facilities—are at highest risk for severe outcomes from COVID-19 infection because they live in a communal setting and tend to be older with chronic medical conditions, according to county health officials.

To date, health officials have not released the facilities or cities in which the positive cases are located, citing privacy concerns of residents.

As of May 13, there have been 1,053 cases among residents of long-term care facilities. Of those cases, 225 have been hospitalized and 191 have died from the virus, according to the county. Overall, the COVID-19 death toll in Maricopa County is 271.

Staff members at long-term care facilities are also testing positive for the virus. As of May 13, 487 staff members have tested positive for the virus, 25 have been hospitalized and two deaths have been reported.