The town of Gilbert is warning customers they may see discolored water coming from their taps on Dec. 15 as the crews work to put a water pipeline back into service.

Town officials said the the discoloration would be sediment stirred up during the repair process. The water is still disinfected and safe to drink and it should clear within a few hours, officials said.

The issue could effect residents and businesses west of Greenfield Road and north of Warner Road.

Crews will be putting a segment of the transmission main from Cooper Road to just west of Lindsay Road back into commission after assessment and repairs.

When a pipeline segment is taken out of service or put back into service, it changes flows in the pipeline, moving the water in different directions through the system, officials said. When this happens, sediment can stir up and cause discoloration in customers’ tap water.

To minimize the impacts, Gilbert’s water team flushes the pipes, but some sediment may still be evident. It can take several hours for the water mains to settle down after a disturbance. During this time, the water is safe for use, officials said.

Gilbert’s water team recommends for customers who experience significant discoloration or cloudiness to run the water at a front hose spigot where the water enters the customer’s house for 10-15 minutes to see if the water has cleared before using any more water inside the home.

After a couple of hours, if the customer’s water is still not clear, the customer should contact the town by calling 480-503-6400 or submit a request via Gilbert 311 using the “Water—Water Quality (Brown Water)” category and the water team will follow up.

The Dec. 15 restoration of the main pipeline segment represents the end of the first phase of the $4.94 million capital improvement project, paid for out of the town’s water fund.

In phase two, a segment from just west of Lindsay Road to the North Water Treatment Plant will be taken out of service the week of Jan. 10 for similar assessment and repairs. That segment is scheduled to be put back into service in April.

Customers can learn more about this project by visiting or contacting the project hotline at 480-898-4090.