The town of Gilbert will offer $35,000 in business relief grants as part of its #GilbertTogether Business Recovery Program.

The town is finalizing the application for the grants, which will be administered by the Arizona Community Foundation.

The town also will be offering a career and technical training program in partnership with the Maricopa County Community College District, which will allow workers to get upskill training that will position them for better jobs, town officials said.

The grants and training are two parts of a Gilbert Town Council AZCares subcommittee recommendation for use of $18 million in money from the state’s AZCares program. Gilbert Town Council approved the expenditures at a special Sept. 29 meeting.

“We heard from the businesses what was important ... and we put together a very conscientious program that has three components,” Gilbert Economic Development Director Dan Henderson said. “It allows us to triage the situation with some immediate monies in the form of grant money. Through those grant monies, we hope to develop a recovery model that gets businesses thinking about the midterm.”

Low-interest midterm recovery loans is the other component in the #GilbertTogether Business Recovery Program.

On the grants, businesses should be prepared to apply with the following information:

  • gross revenue for March 2019-August 2019 and March 2020-August 2020; and

  • business impact data for applicable business operational years 2017-19 and Jan. 1-Aug. 31, 2020, including annual number of employees, annual payroll, annual Gilbert taxable sales and transaction privilege tax liability, annual lease payment (if applicable), annual utility expenditures if paid separately from a lease and construction expenditures if applicable.

The technical assistance program will provide entry-level career and technical programs to assist Gilbert residents who have been impacted by COVID-19 and provide up to 200 hours of technical assistance to businesses.

“The questions that we continue to ask ourselves are, 'How can we help unemployed workers upgrade their skills for careers that are that are in high demand or that allowed them as a worker to be more resilient?'” Henderson said.

Application information for these programs will be sent out through email and social media when they are available.