Surprised council members, others react to Jenn Daniels' mayoral resignation

Jenn Daniels
Jenn Daniels caught even council members by surprise with her resignation as mayor Aug. 11. (Town of Gilbert)

Jenn Daniels caught even council members by surprise with her resignation as mayor Aug. 11. (Town of Gilbert)

The first reaction town officials expressed about Jenn Daniels’ resignation as mayor Aug. 11 was nearly always surprise.

But once having expressed that, this is what council members and others had to say about Daniels’ decision, coming about five months before her term was set to expire in January 2021.

Here is how council members and other reacted to the news beyond the surprise:

“I know her desire was to finish her term. But things have gotten to a point where she has other priorities probably more important from a life perspective than finishing her term. ... I think it’s a wise thing to do from her perspective of just more important things that need to have her attention.”—Vice Mayor Scott Anderson

“I know it was important for her to have a full council and have seven people active and doing the boards and commissions work and lots of important things. So I didn’t really believe it. But it happened, and I wish her well.”—Council Member Jared Taylor.

“Just grateful. Grateful she has served so many years for the town and put her heart and sweat and blood and tears into the job.”—Council Member Aimee Yentes.

“I’m saddened that she’s leaving early. I wish that I would have more time to work with her. Having worked with great leaders in and out of the military, I can honestly say that she is absolutely a phenomenal leader. She loves this town.”—Council Member Bill Spence.

“I was disappointed, but I understand. If Jenn feels that resigning was the right thing for her at this time, then I support that. I look forward to learning more about her next adventure in life and where she goes. I think she has done a great job.”—Council Member Scott September.

“As she mentioned, I think the town is in good hands, and we’ll be able to bridge the gap until the new mayor takes their place next year.”—Council Member Yung Koprowski.

“I’ve enjoyed many years working with Jenn Daniels on a lot of business issues and community issues. And while I am very sad to see her leave—we’re going to miss her amazinig leadership style—I believe she really ensured that the town was prepared for the future. ... I feel like she really left a great foundation for us to build upon.”—Council Member-elect Kathy Tilque, former Gilbert Chamber of Commerce president and CEO.

“I wish her the best. This had to have been an incredibly difficult decision for her to make.”—Mayoral candidate Brigette Peterson.

“Honestly, I wish her the best, and I hope she has success wherever she goes. Good for her.”—Mayoral candidate Matt Nielsen.

One particularly high profile reaction came in Aug. 12 on Twitter.

By Tom Blodgett

Editor, Gilbert

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