Jenn Daniels resigns as Gilbert mayor

Jenn Daniels
Gilbert Mayor Jenn Daniels resigned at the Aug. 11 town council meeting. (Tom Blodgett/Community Impact Newspaper)

Gilbert Mayor Jenn Daniels resigned at the Aug. 11 town council meeting. (Tom Blodgett/Community Impact Newspaper)

Jenn Daniels announced her resignation as Gilbert mayor at the town council meeting Aug. 11, effective at meeting's end.

The council adjourned immediately thereafter.

Daniels had served as mayor since 2016, replacing John Lewis after his resignation and about a month before she was elected to her own term.

She announced in February she would not run for re-election, meaning Gilbert would have a new mayor in January decided by fall elections.

Brigette Peterson and Matt Nielsen advanced to a November runoff in last week’s election for mayor.

Daniels read a letter from the dais:

To the Town of Gilbert:

I have loved serving the Town of Gilbert for more than 11 years. I have worked alongside amazing people staff and council members, regional and school leaders, business owners, volunteers, faith groups and friends and neighbors—all working to make our community a better place to live, work and play.

Effective immediately following the adjournment of tonight’s council meeting, I am going to be resigning from the office of Mayor of the Town of Gilbert. I'd really like to thank my family and especially those who have supported me—especially my four favorite Gilbert residents, Ethan, Drew, Ty and Kate Daniels. Thank you to those who put their trust me in me to lead. You have been patient and generous, and I will always be grateful for this remarkable experience.

In gratitude,

Jenn Daniels

Before reading the letter, Daniels said: "I'm going to do so with maybe some excitement and not sadness—or try anyway."

She received applause at the meeting's conclusion.

Town code requires the council to fill the vacancy by appointment for the remainder of Daniels’ term. The council can only consider people who are qualified electors and have been residents of the town for at least one year.

The process that will be utilized to select the replacement is at the discretion of the Town Council. The appointee will serve until the end of Daniels’ term, which ends in January 2021.
By Tom Blodgett

Editor, Gilbert

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