Editor's note: The dates have been corrected to reflect council direction and the beginning of negotiations.

Gilbert took the first step this week to having the Heritage District’s “South Anchor” developed, announcing it will accept Requests for Qualifications from developers on the lot.

The 2.18-acre vacant lot is at the northwest corner of Gilbert and Elliot roads, across the street from HD South. Development of the South Anchor was one of the priorities from the latest Heritage District Redevelopment Plan, adopted in 2018.

An RFQ is a screening step to help the town identify qualified vendors who may submit responses to a Request for Proposals. Potential developers have until 2 p.m. March 12 to submit their RFQ.

The area is zoned as Heritage Village Center, a flexible designation that allows for office, neighborhood-scale retail and residential development. The town is telling developers that they should consider market gaps or needs in the Heritage District.

The town has scheduled March 30 as the day it will notify developers selected to receive an RFP. The developers will then have until May 21 to respond. Town Council would give direction June 2, and the town could begin negotiations with the selected proposal’s developer June 15.