On Jan. 26, Arizona public health officials confirmed the state's first case of COVID-19. Since then, the state has declared a public health emergency, shuttered the dining rooms of restaurants, closed bars and gyms, issued a stay-at-home order and more. All counties in Arizona have confirmed coronavirus cases, with case counts growing every day.

In Arizona, the number of cases has soared since January. The state's public health officials upgraded Arizona to a "widespread" state.

Maricopa County, the most populated county in Arizona, has the highest case count of any other Arizona county.

The state is only releasing data at the county level. There is no way to know how many cases are in the cities in those counties. But the county-level data reveals the case numbers per age group, the number of fatalities, the cases by gender and more. Scroll through the graphic to see more Maricopa County specifics.