Gilbert ranks highly in many areas in national survey


Gilbert ranks No. 1 in the nation in quality of new development and availability of affordable quality food, according to residents responding in a national survey.

The town also ranked fifth out of 395 municipalities with 98% of residents rating Gilbert as an excellent or good place to live, according to the 2019 National Citizen Survey.

More than 2,500 Gilbert residents participated in the survey. The NCS conducts surveys in 600 communities nationwide, gathering opinions about resident satisfaction and comparing municipalities.

Gilbert data content strategist Melissa Cannon presented the survey’s findings to Town Council at its Aug. 1 meeting.

Gilbert also ranked highly in sense of community, quality of life and value of services for taxes paid, according to the survey.

Residents also identified areas where the town needs improvement—the top three being public transportation, traffic flow and affordable quality housing. Mayor Jenn Daniels said the town had already received feedback addressing these concerns.

“We knew from some of the feedback we had received that traffic and traffic signal timing is important,” Daniels said at the council meeting. “I’m excited that we actually knew that ahead of the survey.”

Daniels said she hopes the council can use some of the data to discuss at its fall retreat.

The town has put the survey results on Alex, its open data portal on the town website.

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  1. Anthony rivera

    Contrary to what has been said Gilbert’s infrastructure as a whole is failing – yet the only topic mentioned raises concern over traffic light timing. At this point as Maricopa county has the fastest raising crime, and incident rate – and gilbert contributes a mass to that with the lacking regulations involving city structure and municipal issues. This post is a joke and Gilbert’s data content strategist isn’t anything more than a glorified liar

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