Gilbert named best city for business in Arizona


The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry recognized Gilbert with its inaugural “Best City for Business in Arizona” award on June 17.

Mayor Jenn Daniels said she was honored to receive the award on behalf of the city from the 45-year-old business advocacy group but added it is a testament to the community as a whole.

“I’m reminded on a daily basis that I don’t do anything alone,” she said. “This is a perfect example of that.”

Gilbert received the award due to “its commitment to supporting the role businesses play in driving economic development, reducing regulatory burdens on business, and working with the business community to improve the local quality of life,” according to the city’s website.

Daniels said the town is always looking for opportunities to be the best it can for its residents and businesses. She said one of the ways Gilbert does that is through finding more ways to say “yes.”

“Any time someone comes to us with a challenge or issue as it relates to their business or development, it’s very easy to point to a code and say, ‘you can’t do X, Y, Z,’” Daniels said. “Instead, we want to try to say ‘yes’ to our businesses and our residents.”

Daniels said the town will continue to look toward the future and find ways to adapt to the environment as Gilbert strives to be the best it can for businesses.

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  1. Does anyone else remember the small business that lost half of its parking spaces thanks to downtown Gilbert planning process? Is changing the rules for long term small business resident what “best city for business in arizona” looks like?

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