Even when it is triple digits outside, customers inside Coldfront Cryo are freezing.

That is because the business offers full-body cryotherapy, a cold-temperature treatment that customers use to decrease inflammation, quicken injury recovery, soothe pain, boost mood and metabolism, and improve sleep.

According to co-owner Alex Martinsen, cryotherapy works by tricking the body with extreme cold.

“The body will naturally redirect the blood to be focused on the core organs, to protect you, as if you were thrust in the middle of the Himalayas in the winter,” he said.

Reducing blood flow to the limbs decreases inflammation in those areas, Martinsen said, and when blood recirculates after a session, it is reoxygenated and filled with anti-inflammatory enzymes.

A dry cold

Although similar in concept to an ice bath, three-minute cryo sessions use dry rather than wet cold to achieve far colder temperatures in more comfortable conditions, Martinsen said. Pumping vaporized liquid nitrogen into vertical chambers in which clients stand creates temperatures as low as minus 321 degrees Fahrenheit.

“You can only get an ice bath to be so cold, because at some point it will be solid, frozen ice,” Martinsen said. “Not to mention, your everyday person is probably not going to go buy seven bags of ice and fill up their bathtub, even if they knew it would help them recover.”

Single cryo sessions are $59—half off for a first visit—but customers can purchase package deals and memberships.

Showing up in Valley

Popularized in recent years by celebrities and professional athletes, cryotherapy retail shops are popping up across the Valley. Martinsen said his store’s equipment, customizable with four temperature settings, and aesthetic design set it apart in service.

“Everything from our flooring to the frosted glass on the doors and the low lighting was planned with the intent to create an experience that feels both modern and high-end,” Martinsen said.

Now that entrepreneurs have increased access, cryotherapy appeals to a wide audience, Martinsen said.

“At Coldfront, we have members as young as 16 and as old as 70,” he said. “Out of the thousands and thousands of sessions we’ve done, we’ve never had one person who couldn’t tolerate the cold.”

Coldfront Cryo
1440 S. Higley Road, Ste. 104, Gilbert
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-1 p.m., 3-8 p.m.; Sat. 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; closed Sun.