Chandler Police Department's traffic section will direct additional efforts toward seat belt safety and education following a $7,000 grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. The grant will fund a seat belt program, Buckle Up Arizona...It's the Law!, from May 23-June 5.

The seat belt program is a localized part of a national push to encourage seat belt usage through the Click it or Ticket campaign. According to a news release, participating officers will provide seat belt informational sheets to drivers while they are enforcing seat belt laws.

Fees for not wearing a seat belt while operating a vehicle are $10, according to state law, but in most circumstances fees increase if the person not safely restrained in a vehicle is a child under the age of 16. Arizona is a secondary seat belt state, meaning an officer of the law cannot pull a driver over exclusively for not wearing a seat belt.

According to the news release, the purpose of the Buckle Up Arizona...It's the Law! program is to "sustain and increase in seat belt usage rates" and boost education on the importance of seat belts. The proper use of safety restraints in a vehicle has been shown to decrease vehicular-related deaths and saves an estimated amount of 9,500 lives each year, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Additionally, it has been shown that children's attitudes toward the necessity of seat belts is often modeled for them by their caretakers. In a 2019 study on unrestrained young passengers in motor vehicle crashes, it was found a child's likelihood of being unrestrained is highly influenced by the driver.