Here are the businesses that will make their Chandler debut in the coming months:

  • 99 Ranch Market will anchor the shopping center located at the northeast corner of Chandler Boulevard and Dobson Road. The store takes over what used to be a Basha's location. The store is scheduled to open in May, though an exact date is not yet known. 99 Ranch market is the largest Asian supermarket chain in the United States.

  • Arches Climbing + Fitness, an indoor climbing gym, is expected to open this year in Chandler. According to the gym website, the space will include rope climbing, a bouldering area, auto belays, a speed wall, a kids area and climbing training. It is not yet known when exactly the business will open. The gym will be located north of the northwest corner of Gilbert and Ryan roads.

  • Black Sheep Wine Bar will take over the location formerly belonging to DC Steakhouse in downtown Chandler's historic square. Details such as opening date are not yet known, but the business was granted a liquor license at a Chandler City Council meeting in April. The building located at 98 S. San Marcos Place appears to be under construction with signs in the windows directing customers to

  • Mechanical Keyboards recently acquired a 74,000-square-foot flex industrial building in west Chandler, according to an April 26 news release. The company specializes in the production of mechanical keyboards. About 40 employees will work at the facility located at 7300 W. Boston St. in Chandler, according to the release.

  • Kura Revolving Sushi Bar is expected to open a location in Chandler in January 2022, according to the city of Chandler. The company has locations in California; Texas; Georgia; Illinois; Nevada; Washington; New Jersey; Washington, D.C.; Florida; and Michigan. An exact opening date is not yet known.