Chandler Public Library cardholders now have one less thing to worry about as they proceed to check out and return materials from their local library: late fees. The Chandler Library Board voted to eliminate overdue library fines at a board meeting in May, according to a news release.

According to the website, cardholders were previously able to continue to check out items if their fees were less than $10. However, once the amount owed went over that threshold, their membership status was blocked, and they could not borrow any items until the amount owed dipped back under $10. Replacement and damaged material fees will remain in place, according to the news release, and can be found in the library cardholder policy.

The Chandler Public Library offers a variety of services, such as culture passes to experience art, history and music free of charge; a "seed library" for those interested in gardening; and access to technology. A library card is free, according to the library's website, and requires photo identification with a current local address. Other forms of identifications can be used if address information is not available.

The elimination of late fees was done in an effort to increase inclusivity and access to library features, according to the release.

“One of the pillars of library service is equitable access,” library Manager Rachelle Kuzyk said in the release. “Removing fines for overdue materials will ensure that everyone who is seeking information can find it at the Chandler Public Library.”