The city of Chandler is embarking on its diversity, equity and inclusion assessment in December, according to a news release from the city. The project, coordinated by Sacramento-based CPS HR Consulting and the city's DEI division, will take about six months.

The assessment comes after Chandler City Council issued a unity proclamation this summer and council directed staff to get more feedback from the community on diversity, equity and inclusion in Chandler. The conversation was sparked as nearly every other Valley city issued an ordinance offering further protection to often marginalized communities. The Chandler City Council opted to issue a proclamation—which serves more as a statement, whereas an ordinance that would provide residents protection from discrimination and create some sort of legal repercussions to defying the ordinance.

The assessment consists of four key tasks as defined in the scope of work, which include the following, according to the release:

  • Meet one-on-one with the mayor and council members;

  • Conduct a community focus group with key stakeholders and residents;

  • Engage city staff to complete a DEI survey and hold employee focus groups; and

  • Work with council members and the city manager’s office to build a DEI policy framework and finalize a DEI policy statement.

The city encourages Chandler residents to submit an application to participate in the external focus group that will consist of 20-25 community members. Residents can apply online at and select Public Involvement.

The deadline to apply is Friday, Dec. 17. Selected participants will be notified in early January, and the initial focus group meeting will occur a few weeks later.

In addition, public comment on the city’s diversity efforts will be accepted throughout the process and may be submitted online at