Chandler City Manager Josh Wright named Dawn Lang as deputy city manager and chief financial officer for the city, according to an Aug. 30 news release.

In this new role, Lang will continue to oversee the management services department while the information technology department, and facilities and fleet division will now report to her.

“Chandler’s financial management practices and stability have garnered national recognition as one of the few cities in the nation with AAA bond ratings from all three major rating agencies,” Wright said in the release. “Dawn’s leadership is a major reason Chandler has achieved the fiscal prosperity we enjoy today, and I am excited for her to take on this opportunity. This new role recognizes her responsibilities as our chief financial officer while offering expanded leadership capacity within the city manager’s office.”

Lang’s promotion to deputy city manager and chief financial officer is the result of a reclassification of her current position with added responsibilities, according to the city. She has served as Chandler’s management services director for nearly 10 years of her 14-year career at the city.