Chandler City Council will host a public hearing on the city's proposed $1.06 billion budget during a meeting June 10 before voting on the budget proposal.

Chandler City Council also adopted the fiscal year 2021-22 tentative budget and 2022-31 tentative capital improvement program. The FY 2021-22 budget totals $1,058,074,338 and includes funding for departmental operating budgets of $411,883,447; funding for debt service of $73,753,925; budget for equipment, technology and vehicle replacements of $5,086,418; and contingencies and reserves in the amount of $198,378,473 in various funds, according to supporting agenda documents from the May 27 meeting. The capital budget includes $113,260,825 in new appropriation, capital carryforward of $255,461,250, and contingency and reserve funding of $250,000, according to the agenda documents.

Included in the projected operating revenue of $510,712,767 is revenue from a property tax levy of $38,056,745 based on a reduced rate of $1.1126 per $100 assessed property valuation, according to the agenda documents.

The hearing will be at 6 p.m. at Chandler City Council Chambers located at 88 E. Chicago St., Chandler.