More than 80 businesses have been approved to sell recreational marijuana in Arizona—including five with Chandler addresses, according to data from the Arizona Department of Health Services.

The sale of recreational marijuana began in Arizona on Jan. 22 as dispensaries across the state received approval on their license applications from ADHS.

Voters passed Proposition 207 in November, legalizing the sale and possession of recreational marijuana in Arizona. The sale of recreational marijuana will be through establishments that already had a license for the sale of medical marijuana, according to the ADHS, after they apply for and are approved for a recreational license. There are 123 medical marijuana facilities across the state.

Among the provisions of Proposition 207 are:

  • allowing personal possession of limited amounts of marijuana;

  • allowing limited, secure cultivation of marijuana plants on residential property;

  • imposing a 16% excise tax on recreational marijuana sales;

  • banning smoking marijuana in public (but not edibles or vaping);

  • authorizing the state and local regulation of recreational marijuana licensees;

  • eliminating criminal penalties for small-quantity marijuana possession; and

  • allowing for the expungement of marijuana convictions.

Five applications have been approved in Chandler, according to the ADHS. One application was approved in Gilbert. The city of Chandler and town of Gilbert have already issued rules for the sale and use of marijuana in the city and town limits.

See which Arizona businesses have been approved for the sale of recreational marijuana: