The city of Chandler was named to the Public Sector Advisory Council with the Partners for Automated Vehicle Education, according to a news release from PAVE. The Arizona Department of Transportation was also named to the group.

According to PAVE, the council composed of public sector organizations will assist with the organization's campaign to educate consumers about automated vehicles and their societal impacts.

Chandler is home to Waymo, an autonomous vehicle company, and other private sector businesses dealing with research and development of autonomous vehicle technology.

“Public sector institutions have a unique—and critical—perspective on AV deployment, as they are grappling with questions such as, ‘How will police officers interact with AVs?’ and ‘How will AVs affect traffic and parking needs?’” said PAVE Executive Director Tara Andringa in a news release. “We’ve seen that public sector institutions are eager to learn more and ensure they’re ready for the arrival of AVs, and this advisory council will help us to build resources for public sector entities to meet those needs.”

On Aug. 19, Chandler Economic Development Director Micah Miranda will appear in a virtual panel discussing planning for autonomous vehicles from a municipality's perspective. For more information on the virtual panel, click here.