Chandler City Council has ratified an emergency declaration to reduce liquor license renewal fees and to push back their due date by three months due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the burden it has placed on restaurants and bars.

Council Member Matt Orlando was the lone dissenting vote. He said during the meeting that initiative was an "honorable attempt to help small businesses" but that he would rather look at policies that help all businesses.

“This is an easy way to help a lot of businesses,” Mayor Kevin Hartke said in a news release. “It’s not a lot of money for each individual business, but it adds up and will be a welcome respite for each and every one of the businesses that are impacted.”

Under the COVID-19 emergency proclamation, renewal fees for all 2020 liquor licenses will be reduced by 50%. These types of fees can range from $300 to $1,000 depending on the series of liquor license to be renewed, according to the city. Additionally, the due date for all liquor license renewals has been extended to Sept. 30, 2020, and no penalty will be assessed for late

payment. Normally, these fees would be due June 30, according to the city..

“Due to the extraordinary economic circumstances these past two months, I appreciate the City Council’s support of this measure that reduces the financial burden for Chandler businesses,” City Manager Marsha Reed said in a statement.

For more information, call the Chandler Sales Tax and License Office at 480-782-2280.