Acrobatic zombies, ghost hunters and other horror-themed acts are coming to Chandler with the arrival of Paranormal Cirque II, a performance that presents both traditional and nontraditional circus elements with a macabre twist.

The event will be located near the Phoenix Premium Outlets shopping center from May 19-30, and tickets range from $10-$50. Showtimes vary depending on the day. The performance will feature illusionists, comedians and aerialists from around the world.

“Audiences can expect the unexpected,” host Steve Copeland said. “This is an all-new horror circus—it’s going to be very fun and very not for children.”

Copeland said there will be a “scare area” that features scare actors and decor, a “serial killer butcher” and an act that involves a giant hamster wheel. Copeland and co-host Ryan Combs act as ghost hunters during the show and perform comedy throughout. Combs said the Paranormal Cirque II show is like “no other [he’s] worked with before.”

“We have people from all over the world of all different cultures,” Combs said. “It has been so fun and interesting to merge all of these different cultures and disciplines into one show and then take it around the country.”

The show began to take form when Combs and Copeland were contacted by Italian entertainment company Cirque Italia, which also hosts two traveling water shows across the country. Combs and Copeland then went to work sourcing the worldwide talent for the show, a feat that proved to be more demanding than expected due to the need for talented performers who also had a flair for the paranormal.

“We went scouring the globe to find exactly what kind of talent we needed, and we absolutely found it,” Combs said.

Combs and Copeland said the performers have developed a bond throughout the show, and everyone contributes more than just their act. The greeters who help guide you to your seats may very well appear on a tightrope above your head during the performance, Copeland said.

While the show is targeted toward mature audiences, guests ages 13-17 may attend if accompanied by an adult. However, Copeland said the show features adult language and sexually suggestive content in addition to the paranormal theme.

Tickets are available both online and in person, and Copeland encouraged attendees to come early to meet the performers and experience the preshow in full. Both hosts said they are excited to bring their unconventional show to Chandler audiences.

“If people are looking for a unique experience where they can let loose and have a killer time, this is it,” Combs said.