Voters may see a possible Chandler USD maintenance and operations budget override on the Nov. 2 ballot.

The Chandler USD governing board will meet June 23 and will discuss the possibility of adopting a resolution to call for an override election.

The district is currently operating under a 15% M&O operating override, according to agenda documents. By law, the last year of full funding of the override is fiscal year 2022-23, according to the district.

If the board agrees to place the override on the Nov. 2 ballot, the renewal of the 15% override would provide the district the opportunity, according to the agenda:

  • to maintain safety features at district schools;

  • to maintain respectable class sizes;

  • to help the district attract and retain great teachers;

  • to enhance technology services;

  • to fully implement the programs related to the long-range strategic plan, Journey 2025;

  • to reduce the district's need to eliminate effective programs and services to students and parents; and

  • to provide professional development for teachers to increase student achievement.

What is an override?

An override is a voter-approved initiative that generates additional tax revenue to fund projects and operations, according to a presentation for the board created by CUSD officials.

Overrides specifically provide additional funding to support what happens inside schools such as teaching, learning and operations, according to the district.

School boards call for an election, and a local stakeholder committee is formed, such as a political action committee, according to the district. Schools can provide limited factual information about the override and are not allowed to influence the outcome of the election.

History of CUSD override elections

CUSD's last override election was passed by voters in 2017, according to the district. That 2017 election marked the ninth override election since 1989 and the eighth that has passed. The only election that failed was an effort in 2012. An override was later passed by voters in 2013.

Next steps

The CUSD governing board meets at 7 p.m. at the district headquarters located at 1525 W. Frye Road, Chandler. The meeting is also streamed live on the district's YouTube channel. The public can comment while attending the meeting in person or submit comments online that are distributed to board members before the meeting at the district website.

If the board approves the resolution to initiate an override election in November, the deadline for submitting arguments is Aug. 6 at 5 p.m.