Diya Nath, a 14-year-old sophomore at Arizona College Prep Erie in Chandler, said she wanted to find a way to help others with research she used to change her life, so she wrote a book.

"Healthy Habits for a Healthier You" is based on Nath's struggle with weight loss and two years of research on gut microbiota and the smoothie recipes she used to lower her body mass index.

"My biggest passions and hobbies are cooking, reading, video games and spreading positivity," Nath said. "I love helping people. I struggled with heath issues—I had a BMI of 40 and was considered obese, but with diets and exercise plans out there I was feeling a little hopeless about whether I would actually improve my health. Then I came across smoothies for weight loss."

Nath said she fell in love with making smoothies and started thinking about her own recipes. Eventually, incorporating smoothies into her diet brought her BMI down and kept it down, Nath said.

Her book was released Sept. 1, Nath said, but the process to creating it took some time. Originally, the 14-year-old wanted to have a recipe book, but as it took her time to find a place to publish, she thought she would incorporate some of the scientific research she had conducted on the gut and microbiome. The result was a science-backed approach to wellness.

"I wanted to educate people on gut health and give them recipes for my smoothies," Nath said. "I think the research made it more impactful."

Nath said her classmates at Chandler's ACP Erie have been supportive of her book and her research.

"It's been a lot of overwhelming love and support from my peers," Nath said.

Nath said she aspires to continue to do something that blends her love of cooking and science after high school. She said she would love to study how food affects the brain and eventually have a restaurant with a menu based on her findings.

"Heathy Habits for a Healthier You" is available on Amazon.