Attendance boundary changes will affect Gilbert families with students in the Chandler USD in the 2020-21 school year.

The Chandler school board unanimously voted Wednesday to approve that boundary change, which will “prepare for continued growth in the southeast region [of the district]," Elementary Instruction Assistant Superintendent Frank Narducci said. The region, called the “Val Vista Corridor,” falls into Gilbert town boundaries.

The attendance boundary changes would affect Haley, Ryan, Patterson and Riggs elementary schools. In addition, the changes will transition Weinberg Elementary School into an academy for gifted students and relocate the current Weinberg students to a new elementary school site—currently dubbed Elementary No. 31—that has yet to be built.

Under the proposed recommendation, a square mile bordered by Queen Creek Road on the north, Ocotillo Road on the south, Gilbert Road on the east and Cooper Road on the west would move from Haley to Ryan.

Additionally, one-half square mile bordered by Ocotillo on the north, Chandler Heights Road on the south, Val Vista Road on the east and Lindsay Road on the west would move from Ryan to the new elementary school.

A square mile bordered by Riggs Road on the north, Hunt Road on the south, Recker Road on the east and Higley Road on the west would move from Patterson to Riggs.

Narducci told the board that currently enrolled students and students enrolled in the 2019-20 school year would be grandfathered in at Haley or Patterson schools through the 2025-26 school year.

The vote comes after several months of planning and public meetings to gather input from community members.

Elementary No. 31

The planned elementary school would accommodate current Weinberg students and the projected growth of that new boundary, Narducci said. The proposed building would be able to hold a larger number of students.

“We are just going to leave the building there and take the kids, the staff, the principal and they are just all going to go together,” Superintendent Camille Casteel told the board.

The board also unanimously approved a contract with HDA Architects to provide architectural and engineering services for the approximately 91,000-square-foot elementary school, which will be built on 13 acres located at Ocotillo Road and 148th Street.

Key: Green = moving from Ryan to Weinberg, Red = moving from Patterson to Riggs, Yellow = moving from Haley to Ryan