Stone & Vine fuses family atmosphere with Italian favorites

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The original Stone & Vine opened in May 2011 in Scottsdale. The success of that first restaurant led Joseph Popo to open a second location in Chandler in March 2015. Popo said once he saw the location—which used to house a Grimaldi’s—he knew the second location would work.

“I felt it provided a need in the area, and the water just makes it perfect,” Popo said of the Chandler location whose patio overlooks water.

Popo said he has been in the restaurant industry 35 years—serving, bartending, managing and eventually owning. He said this year has been the most challenging due to the effects of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“The hardships we’ve had have been the same as others; it’s difficult to shut down and to come up with a plan to change how you do things,” Popo said. “I’m grateful our food travels well for to-go orders.”

Popo said the menu was specifically curated by family members who collected their favorite Italian dishes and suggested menu items.

“We wanted accessibility at every level; we wanted it to be accessible to people in price, quality and options,” Popo said. “We have a variety of everything. The plan was always to try and cater to different age ranges.”

Popo said the restaurant has a “special relationship” with the guests who walk through the front doors of Stone & Vine.

“We love comments from the guests; we always take their feedback into account,” Popo said. “They are the ones in charge; we work for them.”

The business owner said he wants to make sure anyone who comes to Stone & Vine feels like family.

“We really treat everybody like they are a member of the family,” he said. “We are comfortable and casual, have quality food at a reasonable price and our goal is comfort all around. We always want feedback from our guests; we are always trying to improve and become better.”