Local Motors has signed a lease for 10,000 square feet at Chandler Tech Center, which is located at 7400 W. Detroit St., according to a news release from the city. The announcement from the city came Dec. 14.

The headquarters location will have 80% of the building dedicated to office space with the remaining 20% reserved for research and development, according to the city.

Local Motors is developing the Olli, a 3D-printed autonomous electric shuttle. The vehicle has been deployed at locations around the globe, including hospitals, campuses, bases and universities.

Chandler has developed a growing cluster of automotive technology companies, with technology giants such as Waymo choosing Chandler to test out their latest autonomous vehicle technology, according to the city.

“Chandler has been focused on growing our autonomous vehicle industry and we are excited to see Local Motors sign this new lease in our community,” Chandler Mayor Kevin Hartke said in the release. “We look forward to working alongside Local Motors as they continue to innovate with new products and we wish them many years of success at their new headquarters in Chandler.”