Chandler saw nearly 50% more unemployment claims in December 2020 than in December 2019, according to data from the Arizona Commerce Authority.

The city recorded a 6% unemployment rate in December 2020 as compared to 3.1% unemployment in December 2019, according to the data. More than 9,300 people in Chandler were unemployed in December 2020 as compared to 4,873 in December 2019.

The coronavirus pandemic brought the city's unemployment to an unprecedented peak in April with 11.9%, of the city's labor force unemployed. That figure was the highest unemployment recorded in the Arizona Commerce Authority's database, including during the Great Recession era.

Unemployment in the city is up slightly from August, when it was 5.1%. Arizona's unemployment as of December 2020 was 7.5%, down from its April peak of 13.4%, but still up year over year from December 2019, when it was 4.5%.