The city of Chandler saw its highest unemployment rate in history in April, but May data from the Arizona Commerce Authority showed the rate trending down. In June, the city saw yet another increase from the May unemployment rate.

The city’s unemployment rate as of June was 8.7%. The rate was 7.5% in May, down from 11.9% in April—but still a stark contrast to the 3.5% unemployment rate the city saw in January.

The change from January to June represents a 148.57% increase in unemployment.

The jump from March to April was also the largest jump in the 30 years of data the authority has published.

The economy was thrown into havoc amid the closures and restrictions in place for much of March, April and the first half of May due to the coronavirus pandemic. As closures persisted, unemployment claims soared not only in Arizona, but also nationally as well. April was the first full month of business closures in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, with Gov. Doug Ducey’s “Stay home, stay healthy, stay connected” order in place from 5 p.m. March 31 to May 15.

Chandler’s labor force as of June was 151,118. Of that number, 13,141 people were unemployed, according to the data. In April, the number of unemployed people in Chandler was 18,247.

Chandler’s latest unemployment rate is below the overall Arizona unemployment rate, at 10.3%, as of June, according to the data, with 359,509 Arizonans unemployed. The statewide unemployment figure is down from April, when it reached 13.1% and saw more than 464,122 Arizonans out of work.

Prior to April, Chandler last saw its highest unemployment rate in January 2010, with a rate of 8.2% and 10,985 people unemployed.

Chandler’s 85225 ZIP code saw the highest unemployment claims of any other city ZIP code between March 14-June 11, according to the Maricopa Association of Governments, with 7,060 claims.