Maricopa County released a public dashboard Aug. 31 allowing residents to see how the state's most populous county has spent its federal COVID-19 relief dollars.

The Board of Supervisors approved spending priorities for $435 million in federal funds made available through the American Rescue Plan Act, which was passed by Congress earlier this year.

“This new COVID-19 funding dashboard will provide the transparency to Maricopa County residents that they deserve about how their federal dollars are being spent to help their community recover. It is a way to keep our government efficient and accountable," District 1 Chair Jack Sellers said in a news release. “Our goal is to distribute these funds in an equitable way across our community with a focus on areas disproportionately impacted by COVID-19."

So far, $410 million from the ARPA funds have been allocated, but Maricopa County is still in the early stages of distributing those dollars. According to the dashboard, only $6.4 million has been spent to date.

Here are some of the ways the money has been allocated:

  • $136 million will go to direct continued COVID-19 health response.

  • $75.5 million will go to programs for individuals and families including seniors and persons with disabilities and behavioral health and addiction recovery.

  • $60 million will be dispersed to support local businesses struggling due to the pandemic.

  • $40 million will be used to secure affordable housing at a time of escalating prices.

  • $25 million will support workforce efforts across Maricopa County.

  • $20 million will go to help residents with rent and mortgage assistance.

View the county's dashboard at