Pedal Haus had only been open in downtown Chandler for about a month before COVID-19 forced it to close its doors and move to takeout. Now, owner Julian Wright said with dining rooms open, he and his staff have had to make major adjustments.

Namely, Wright created a chief sanitizing officer position—a position dedicated to wiping everything on dining tables down after each table leaves.

"The most complicated piece to this is figuring out how to minimize the contact we have with customers," Wright said. "So we have one person designated to sanitizing the tables, and things like the door handles and bathroom doors and high-touch areas."

When tables are cleaned, Wright said a laminated sign will be placed letting servers know the table is ready to go.

"We are trying to walk the tightrope of keeping it clean and safe and not having it look like a trauma center," Wright said. "Running a restaurant is already difficult; now it feels like we are running a three-legged-race with one leg."