Chandler Mayor Kevin Hartke announced in a video message to the community May 4 that he and City Council sent a letter to Gov. Doug Ducey on May 1, urging the governor to allow businesses to reopen, among other requests, in his next executive order.

"Based on data from public health, health care and public safety professionals, council and I believe there are more steps that can be adopted to reopen the economy," Hartke said in the video.

The letter urged Ducey to implement "broad and consistent guidelines for businesses and communities to operate in a manner that protects public health, flexibility for elected officials to govern according to the health and economic conditions within their community and freedom for businesses to reopen abiding by [Centers for Disease Control] and state guidelines," Hartke said.

In the letter, a copy of which was provided to Community Impact Newspaper, mayor and council said the measures implemented in Arizona "have proven effective to flatten the curve."

"We believe the Chandler community with direction and innovation can safely navigate a more robust reopening," the letter read. "Opening a larger portion of the economy will turn the tides of uncertainty, reduce the rise in domestic violence and diminish financial hardships for our residents and businesses. Our community’s health, safety and economic vitality are essential. Based on

public health data, input from our public safety and based on healthcare capacity, there are more steps that can be adopted to open the economy. There is a tremendous burden placed on Chandler businesses and their employees due to COVID-19. Our non-profits are stretched, and our community is experiencing sustained increases in domestic violence calls for service. The social impacts of COVID-19 are being felt in our community."

Mayor and council stated in the letter they looked forward to being part of the solution while working with the governor and local businesses to reignite the economy.

"We are a community of innovation, and I am proud of the way our city, our partners, businesses and residents have come together to be part of the solution for protecting public health and reigniting the economy," Hartke said in the video address. "Public safety will remain a top priority as we continue through our phased approach to reopen, and we will continue to advocate for the health and prosperity of our community."