Zesty Zzeeks Pizza & Wings was in a better position than many when the coronavirus pandemic closed dining rooms in Arizona restaurants, Zzeek Pectol said.

"We had delivery already," Pectol said. "My wife and I came from delivery. We understand the delivery component of it pretty well. ... We were able to convert those customers that were coming out to dinner and pivot them to delivery."

Pectol said the business has also found a way to help community members get some groceries such as flour, sugar and yeast that they have not been able to find in stores. Pectol said the business began ordering extra and allowing community members to buy those items from them.

"It was shocking when we would go to grocery stores and see empty shelves—this is the kind of stuff you see in Third World countries," Pectol said. "It blew my mind. I never thought we would see that in our lifetime. So we reached out to our supplier and thought it was a chance for us to help in some little way and bring normalcy into some people's lives."

"The give back to us has been amazing. People send us photos, or they drop off stuff to the stores to show us what they did with the flour and sugar," Pectol said. "It's crazy. The world is so upside down right now, but the world is so kind and giving."

All Zesty Zzeeks locations are offering delivery, takeout and curbside options. The restaurant is not charging for delivery.

"I'm not looking to gouge customers," Pectol said. "We didn't raise prices or anything. All our employees are working, and that's because of the support from the customers. If people weren't ordering and wanting delivery, we wouldn't be able to do that."

Zesty Zzeeks has two Chandler locations at 960 E. Warner Road, Ste. 1, and 4050 S. Arizona Ave., Ste. 4. Customers can order online and find more information at the restaurant website.