Chandler will now be known as the "Community of Innovation" after City Council unanimously approved a resolution June 27 updating the city's tagline, logo and strategic framework.

Changes to the logo included moving the text from underneath the "C" and instead to the right and changing the font and spacing, said Matt Burdick, the communications and public affairs director for the city, at the meeting.

The city's brand statement also got an upgrade. It will now read: "A safe community that connects people, chooses innovation and inspires excellence."

Burdick said in an email that the brand statement was created through the use of five words residents who responded to an online poll and surveyed at city meetings and events felt described Chandler.

Burdick said the city will now work to develop brand guidelines for departments to use the logo and tagline, a process he expects will continue through the summer.

"The logo and tag line will roll-out over time and will be introduced through attrition on the City's digital platforms, printed materials and other assets," Burdick said. "We will continue to use materials with the previous logo and tag line until they are exhausted. As the need arises for materials to be replaced or ordered, those items will use the new logo and tag line. Existing buildings, landmarks, plaques, street signs and other displays of the previous logo and logo mark will continue to be used."

The design and branding work was done in house, Burdick said, and reflected the goals and strategic plans council members set at a retreat earlier this year.

"Council has worked together over the past several months to identify the needs and priorities of our community based upon feedback from the residents and businesses and our experiences and interactions with our community members," Mayor Kevin Hartke said during the meeting. "The strategic framework outlines our community vision, council goals and areas of focus and will be a guiding document as we plan our future."

The five areas of focus identified include infill and redevelopment, innovation and technology, mobility, neighborhoods, and quality of life.

Chandler City Council voted to update the city's logo June 27. [/caption]

What do the five areas of focus mean? 

According to city documents, the focus on infill and redevelopment translates to "strategic economic development with destination mixed-use projects that support continued vitality of surrounding neighborhoods, targeted efforts to repurpose vacant retail spaces, unique amenities, events and experiences that attract people to Chandler, a deliberate approach to infill projects and annexation and an emphasis on workforce development and high-quality education."

The city plans to market Chandler as the "premier location for cutting-edge technologies under the focus of "innovation and technology" in addition to investing in infrastructure to drive further advancements and piloting ideas that could promote "efficiency, productivity and connectivity"—much like the city's new partnership with Waymo.

"Forward-thinking transportation networks" are the pinnacle of the focal point of mobility, according to city documents. That would include an emphasis on "high-tech, multi-modal transit options for residents and visitors," airport improvements, and open spaces and pathways that connect developments and neighborhoods.

The city's focus on neighborhood improvement includes more than just making sure infrastructure is updated and maintained. Innovative programs that provide housing options for residents and making sure services and amenities that help a community thrive are on the list of things council wants to focus on as well.

The city will also place an emphasis on quality of life improvements, including reimagined public spaces, incorporating innovative architecture, art and landscaping elements, and "activities, entertainment and business retention that capitalize on Chandler's hip culture, unique history and burgeoning art scene."

"The work is yet to come," Council Member Matt Orlando said during the meeting. "The staff is diligently putting together action plans, work plans and priorities so that we can keep moving this forward and showing progress in these areas. ... This is just like an iceberg; we have a lot of work underneath the water."

Residents can visit to view the strategic framework document.