Chandler City Council approves $927 million budget


Residents can expect to see increased attention to streets, parks and the Chandler Municipal Airport after Chandler City Council approved the city’s budget and 10-year capital improvement projects list at a June 13 meeting.

The approved budget for fiscal year 2019-20 is $927.05 million with the theme of “rock-solid fiscal foundations,” Chandler Mayor Kevin Hartke said. The council also approved $937.06 million for capital improvement projects—meaning improvements to the city’s existing infrastructure.

“It’s a good budget; it’s a responsible budget that takes into account our need to take care of aging infrastructure, our desire to keep our neighborhoods safe and to attract great jobs,” Hartke said in a weekly web address called the Morning Minute with the Mayor. “We also make a significant contribution to the unfunded liability for our first responders on their pension. We’re excited about this budget. It lowers property taxes slightly, and it allows Chandler to continue to be the city or town with the lowest cost of service in regard to property tax, sales tax and cost of services with our city.”

The budget represents a 5.9% increase from the previous year’s budget, according to city documents. It slightly reduces the city’s combined primary and secondary property tax rate from $1.386 per $100 valuation to $1.121, according to city documents.

The capital improvements budget also increased by $14 million for new and continuing projects compared to the previous year. The plan puts more of an emphasis on maintaining roads, parks, utilities, facilities and technology infrastructure as well as adding new projects, such as the first phase of Lantana Ranch Park and an airport runway extension, according to city documents.

“This is one of the most important things that Chandler gets right every year,” Vice Mayor Terry Roe said during the meeting.

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