Tough Lotus offers specialty workouts in Chandler


There is only one place in Arizona where you can do a bungee workout, according to Amanda Paige. Tough Lotus, located in Chandler, is that place where you can do 75 minutes of very specific high-intensity cardio while strapped into a bungee harness suspended from the ceiling,

Paige, who owns the business, said Tough Lotus was the first fitness studio in the United States to have a bungee workout and said the concept has made her 2,000-square-foot studio at Dobson and Elliot roads a “destination spot” in Chandler.

“It’s everything that I hoped for and more,” Paige said. “Me being a former dancer, I get nervous to jump and land on one leg now. I’m older, and my body is different. But this is so great because I feel like I’m flying again. I literally get to push myself to the limit and have no fear of landing.”

Paige is no stranger to taking a leap in her life. She started Tough Lotus as an aerial fitness studio three years ago, but after being open just a couple months she stumbled across a video online of a bungee workout in Thailand. So she booked a ticket to go learn how she could bring that same style workout to her studio in Chandler.

“I ended up developing an entire brand new set of curriculum,” Paige said. “So now we’ve got beginning, intermediate, advanced. I’m developing three other different class types right now.”

 With ceiling tiles popped out in the studio, Paige has riggings set up for both aerial and bungee classes, and adjusts before each class. When she is not teaching classes, she is teaching other instructors who want to bring bungee workouts to their studios, which is something she said she has seen more of lately. But her passion is teaching the people who come into her studio. She said she knows everyone who walks in and enjoys the small-town vibe of her studio. Paige said she enjoys the personal relationships she gets to build.

“I know the people that come in that door; I know who they are; and I’ve met some of their families, and we have relationships,” Paige said. “And I know what classes they take, and I see when they make progress, and they can text me or call me, and I’m always available. And that to me, I never want to lose that.”

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