Updated 3:17 pm April 27, 2015 CDT

TxDOT offers emergency funding for airport towers

The Texas Transportation Commission voted unanimously April 4 to provide emergency funding for air traffic control towers in 14 cities, including Georgetown. The City Council will meet at 10 a.m. April 5 to discuss the funding agreement.

12:00 am April

ACC board discusses 2014–18 strategic plan

The Austin Community College board of trustees began its first discussion April 1 on the 2014–18 strategic plan, which includes the college’s broad goals, general guidance for the academic master plan and budget resource allocation.

12:00 am April

Baris Pizza & Pasta

Baris (pronounced bar-s) Pizza & Pasta in Pflugerville is a restaurant borne of the fruits of family connections. So it is perhaps not surprising that the eatery has become a popular location for local families to gather.

12:00 am April

Food truck trend could come to Hutto

With food trucks becoming popular dining options for residents in Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock and soon Georgetown, Hutto is hoping to tap into the trend and open its own food trailer park venue within the year.

12:00 am April


Since opening in 2007, Angelheart has found adoptive homes for more than 100 children and places approximately 90 children per year in prescreened foster homes.