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2:25 PM Jun 1, 2022 MST

Yield Engineering Systems signs lease in Chandler’s Price Corridor

The company signed a lease for a 123,000-square-foot space to support semiconductor manufacturing.

Proposed city budget highlights: Funding for multimodal transportation, new police behavioral health unit & more

The Chandler City Council will hold a public hearing on the 2022-23 budget, 2023-32 capital improvement plan and the city's property tax levy. The council will then take action on the budget and the capital improvement plan, according to the city of Chandler.

Chandler to host prom for senior citizens

The city of Chandler will be hosting a senior prom for residents aged 55 and up on June 3.

5 businesses coming soon to Chandler Ranch shopping center

Chandler Ranch will see new tenants this year.

Ongoing medical study seeks Phoenix-area teens with autism

A medication clinical trial that is studying the impact of gut health on autism behaviors is entering Phase 2 and is seeking teenagers with autism aged 13-17 in the Phoenix area to participate.

Chandler Public Library turns new page to eliminate late fees

Replacement and damaged material fees remain in place, but late book returns will not result in charges.

City of Chandler partners with local organizations to offer Juneteenth events

Events include a pageant, live music and a mixer.

Juan Jaime's Tacos & Tequila closes Chandler restaurant

According to the restaurant website, restaurant staff will be focusing their efforts on the Scottsdale location.

Chandler Police Department given $7K grant for seat belt enforcement program

The campaign aims to increase seatbelt usage and encourage safe habits for future generations.

Chandler introduces new bilingual pay policy

Chandler introduced a new bilingual pay policy for employees this week to enhance the customer service provided to Chandler residents and customers.  

Chandler history shows shift from agriculture to technology

The city of Chandler was once an agricultural hub for several decades in the 1900s, although it may be difficult to tell by looking at it now. Acres of farmland dissolved into business complexes, and the dirt roads have since been paved over.

Chandler City Council to review budget, capital improvement May 26

The Chandler City Council will vote on the city's tentative fiscal year 2022-23 budget and 2023-32 capital improvement program, which takes effect July 1. 

Chandler sees lowest citywide retail vacancy in years

The coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing fallout has created all sorts of woes among businesses across Chandler—from supply issues and difficulty hiring to restrictions and closures. But despite all of that, the city of Chandler is seeing the lowest retail vacancy across the city since 2007. 

Flower Child restaurant to plant new location in Chandler

The restaurant serves foods such as wraps, noodle bowls and salads.

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice to open new location in Chandler

This location will be the business' fourth location in Arizona.

Paranormal Cirque II hosts promise 'killer time' at Chandler shows May 19-30

The show features a variety of horror-themed talent and tickets range from $10-$50.

Tipsy Egg opens in downtown Chandler, offers breakfast and lunch options

Tipsy Egg, a breakfast and lunch restaurant located in downtown Chandler, is open for business.