12:00 am Nov.

David Gornet

David Gornet has been living and breathing the Grand Parkway for 30 years. He is the executive director for The Grand Parkway Association and has served in that capacity since 2001.

12:00 am Nov.

Tang City Plaza

Tang City Plaza does not look like much these days: a wide tract of land stretching nine and a half acres overgrown with weeds and leveled off buildings.

12:00 am Nov.

Fort Bend Brewing Co.

During its first year of operation, Fort Bend Brewing Co. has grown to distribute more than 1,000 barrels of craft beer to nearly 200 restaurants, bars and retail locations around the world through the efforts of a small crew and volunteers.

12:00 am Sept.

Great W’kana Cafe

A diverse menu, fresh ingredients and distinctive food presentation have allowed Great W’kana Cafe in Meadows Place to become a well-known destination restaurant for Houston residents and visitors.

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