12:00 am Dec.

1959 Katy Tigers

Decades before Katy High School established itself as a football powerhouse, the Tigers won an unlikely championship in a way that contemporary fans would recognize.

12:00 am Dec.

Babaloo International Caf and Bar

Cliff Clavin and Norm Peterson may not be seated at the bar being served drinks by Sam Malone, but there is a definite resemblance to the “Cheers” television show at Babaloo International Cafe and Bar.

12:00 am Dec.

Publisher’s note — December 2012

As the Katy area population continues to grow, with 40,000 residents expected to be added to the region in the next four years, access to quality health care continues to be an important component of the community’s vitality.

12:00 am Nov.

Katy ISD to open High School No. 7

With growth in Katy ISD expected to push several high schools beyond capacity during the next five years, the district plans to open its seventh high school—which is unnamed as of press time—in the fall of 2013.

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