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Updated 12:28 pm May 29, 2015 CDT

Monthly water update

As of Sept. 30 the water level in Lavon Lake was 479.3 feet, 12.66 feet below the full pool level.
The city of Frisco in July exceeded its 10 percent water reduction goal by 46.6 percent for a total reduction of 56.6 percent, according to Public Work

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Like the original moonshiners who invented the infamous drink during Prohibition, Mash’d exudes a rebellious nature.

The restaurant aims to bring a new perception to the drink with a bad reputation, Mash’d General Manager Mike Vitale said.

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Driving by the intersection of Hillcrest Road and Ohio Drive, motorists will pass a stadium-like structure with the word “Superdrome” displayed across the entrance.

This structure does not host well-known Frisco sports such as soccer or baseball.

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The Old Water Tower

Throughout the past 90 years, the city of Frisco has transformed its landscape.

Few things have remained in the city for 90 years, though one recognizable structure has endured the passing of time.

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FISD announces 2014-15 enrollment

Frisco ISD has a 2014–15 enrollment of 49,448 based on figures released at the board of trustees’ September meeting.

Those figures were 158 students over the enrollment projection of 49,290 predicted by Population and Survey Analysts, the district’s

Updated 12:37 pm May 29, 2015 CDT

Growth on US 380 to ‘explode’

Drivers on US 380 will not see much lining the busy roadway today except for a few empty fields. But real estate signs sprinkled along the edges of the highway that borders Frisco and Prosper are a harbinger of things to come, city planners and real

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Legacy Veterinary Hospital

When Dr. Kent Julius was 11 years old, he said he and his father wandered into the woods during a snowstorm to look for a cow that was supposed to give birth. They found the cow, but the calf was left buried in the snow with only its nose exposed to