Mayor David Briley calls for electric scooter ban in Nashville


Mayor David Briley is calling on city officials to ban scooters, according to a statement released at noon June 21.

“After much thought, I have decided to recommend to the Metro [Nashville] Council that the existing [electric scooter]pilot program terminate and that scooters be removed from the Metro right-of-ways immediately upon the enactment of the Council legislation,” Briley said in the letter.

On May 23, Briely issued a 30-day notice in an open letter to companies, calling for more safety regulation and enforcement following the death of Brady Gaulke, who was struck by an SUV while riding a scooter May 16.

Since then, Briley said he has met with representatives from four scooter companies. He said Lyft, Jump, Bird, Lime and Gotcha submitted a proposed agreement June 14, regarding scooter safety concerns.

“I appreciate the effort and timely response, but I do not believe the proposal goes far enough to protect the safety of our residents and visitors,” Briley said. “Should the Council decide to adopt my recommended course of action, it is my hope that the companies will act in good faith to comply with the requirements of the legislation.”

In the letter, Briley said it is possible a limited number of operators will be allowed to return with a smaller fleet, “but only if they are able to meet our requirements for safety and accessibility.”

“If these devices return in the future, it will be after a public process, on our terms, with strict oversight for numbers, safety, and accessibility,” Briley said in a follow-up comment to his letter. “I have asked the Metro legal team to draft this legislation, and I trust the Metro Council will move on it quickly.”

Briley said the death of Gaulke has highlighted how dangerous the scooters can be. In April, the city fire department had 43 calls for scooter injuries.

Metro’s next scheduled meeting is July 2; however an agenda for the meeting has not been released.

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