The Metro Nashville Public Schools board approved a contract Tuesday, June 10, for Adrienne Battle to remain interim director for two years.

Battle, who officially began the temporary position April 15, replaced former Director Shawn Joseph following the board’s April 9 vote to buy out his contract. Board members have met over the past two months to finalize the agreement.

Under the contract, Battle will receive an annual salary of $285,000, the same compensation rate as Joseph, until the contract expires April 15, 2021. She will also have access to a district vehicle.

According to the agreement, Battle can apply for the permanent director position when the board begins its search at an undetermined date.

"[The two-year term] gives Dr. Battle a chance to dig into the work and make substantial changes if she sees fit," District 5 Board Member Christiane Buggs said. "It also allows cool down time for the school board, especially considering there could be five new board members around this table next year. I would rather give that board a chance to decide what they want to do long-term regarding a director."

If Battle applies for the position and is not selected, she will have the opportunity to return to her previous position as a community superintendent or an equivalent position, according to the agreement.