Metro Nashville government agencies are on track to receive all power from renewable energy sources by 2041, according to an ordinance approved June 4 by the Metro Nashville Council.

Beginning in 2020, Metro Nashville will begin a two-decade transition to total renewable energy by using no less than 53% carbon-free energy. The city will also annually increase its solar power usage until reaching at least 10% in 2041.

Two additional ordinances approved state that Metro Nashville plans to invest in a 100% electric vehicle fleet by 2050, beginning with 25% low-to-zero emissions by 2025. The city will also adopt sustainable building design standards for new and renovated buildings.

“Even if you don’t care about, or believe in, climate change, these are good governance bills,” said Freddie O’Connell, district 18 council member and ordinance sponsor, at the May 21 meeting. “They compel our own government to reduce its emissions to improve the energy supply throughout the Tennessee Valley and to reduce the operating costs and improve the health of those who work in our buildings and live in our city.”