Mayor David Briley delays Nashville private parking deal


In a public statement released Friday, May 31, Nashville Mayor David Briley announced the city is delaying its plans to privative public parking.

“Nashville is a leader in everything from affordable housing to philanthropy to health care,” Briley said in a statement. “There is no reason why we should not at least be on par with our peer cities when it comes to technologies like on-street parking modernization. It’s smart city management.”

Briley said he is “hitting the pause button” on the proposal in order to have a “comprehensive discussion” before Metro Nashville Council finalizes the city’s parking plan.

“We have time to keep talking, and we should take it,” Briley said. “Let’s get past the noise of the election season and allow everyone to get their questions answered.”

In his 2019 State of Metro Address, Briley said the deal would bring in $300 million in revenue over 30 years. Under the proposed plan, a private company would collect fines and issue tickets.

Briley asked ordinance sponsors Tanaka Vercher and Freddie O’Connell to defer the measure, according to the statement.

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