Halcyon Bike Shop specializes in new and restored bicycles


Walking into Halcyon Bike Shop in 12 South feels more like walking into a bike collector’s home. The store, located in a former residential property, is stocked floor to ceiling with bicycles, helmets and related accessories.

Led by brother-and-sister duo Andrew and Stephanie Parker, the new and used bike shop opened in October 2008 on the corner of 12th Avenue South and the store’s namesake, Halcyon Avenue.

“When customers walk in, they are standing in what used to be a two-car garage,” Andrew said. “We just try to make the most of our space. There’s something everywhere you look.”

Andrew said opening a store during the Great Recession presented its own set of challenges, but the team overcame them by utilizing recycled materials to finish building out the space.

On the repair side of the shop, Halcyon employs four mechanics daily to restore custom bikes and service repairs. Stephanie, the shop’s head mechanic, oversees Halcyon’s service department and floor sales.

“We’re a small shop, so we all kind of wear a lot of hats,” Stephanie said. “It feels really good to help people who rely on their bike every day to get around the city.”

Andrew said the shop’s community inclusivity stems back to pre-shop days when he teetered between offering nonprofit and for-profit services. Andrew said he incorporates low-cost or free services such as $3 recycled parts and an outdoor tool bench where shoppers can repair their own bike.

“I still wanted the shop to be a truly inclusive space for the community,” Andrew said. “It’s not just a place to buy a bike.”

Andrew said the shop serves most customers during spring and summer months. However, he said he is excited to see the number of winter cyclists increase each year.

“I like the technical side of the business, but there’s nothing I like more than meeting the people who walk through our doors,” he said.

Halcyon Bike Shop

2802 12th Ave. S., Nashville



Hours: Tue.-Sat. 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sun. noon-5 p.m.

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