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Nashville's pro-transit group has now conceded as results coming in favor the opposition. With more than 60,000 votes, the results show 65 percent are against the plan and 35 percent are for it. The group conceded an hour and a half after the polls closed at 7 p.m.

Nashville Mayor David Briley acknowledged the defeat, saying:

"Our transportation problems are not going away; in fact, we know they’re only going to get more challenging as we continue to grow. I’ll get back to work tomorrow on finding a solution for Nashville that we all can agree on."

Here's what others are saying following the defeat:



Updated at 7:39 p.m.

According to numbers released by the Davidson County Election Commission, early voting numbers show that 39,013 people voted against the transit referendum, while 20,991 voted in favor.

The numbers translate to 65 percent against and 35 percent in favor of the proposed plan.

The early voting results show opponents of the transit plan in the lead.

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With polling locations now closed in Davidson County, Nashville residents await the results for the proposed $5.4 million transit plan on today’s ballot.

If the referendum passes, Nashville would see a mass transit system by 2032. The plan — called Let’s Move Nashville — includes 26 miles of light rail transit, an improved and expanded bus service and an underground tunnel downtown. The system would be funded by raising four taxes, including sales, hotel, rental car and business.

Along with the transit referendum, primaries for county offices and judicial positions are on the Democratic ballot. There are no primaries included on the Republican ballot.

Nashville residents are taking to social media to talk about tonight’s election results.


As early voting numbers come in, both sides gather to wait for the outcome:


Voters sound off on weather they voted for or against the plan.

Twitter users like April Miller Dawson (@amillerdawson) and Trent Bynum (@trentbmedia) express why voting is important to them:

People are sharing photos of their voting stickers, too:

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