For over eight years, Jinlan Zhang, owner of Music City Tea, has been serving specialty tea blends to the Middle Tennessee area. After owning a store in Franklin for six years, Zhang decided to relocate Music City Tea to the Murfreesboro Square in 2019.

Zhang said she grew up in the rural tea fields near Wuyi Mountain, China, a location most known for its growth and production of specialty teas. In Murfreesboro, she is teaching and carrying on tea traditions that have been a part of her culture for many generations.

Zhang said she is a first-generation immigrant that comes from a long line of tea farmers, so sharing pieces of her family’s culture has become an integral part of her business.

“I like sharing information about the culture surrounding tea,” Zhang said.

Zhang said she commonly shares information with her customers about traditional tea practices, like the use of Yixing clay pots that have been used for centuries in Chinese culture. She also hosts traditional Gongfu tea ceremonies where she teaches participants how to properly partake in the ceremony that has been around for over 1,000 years.
Patrons of Music City Tea are also invited to sample a variety of teas while she shares their health benefits and other information about where the tea is from. The store carries over 100 types of tea that customers can purchase by the ounce.

Two of the more popular teas include Da Hong Pao, which means “Big Red Robe” and is a smoky Oolong tea, and Pink Lady, a sweet tea with dragon fruit, marshmallows and pineapple cubes.

Sharing the health benefits of drinking tea is one of the most important aspects of her business, Zhang said.

“There are lots of healthy benefits from drinking tea,” Zhang said. “Some teas can help with things like weight loss and allergies.”

Beyond selling tea and teaching patrons about Chinese tea culture, Zhang also sells a number of other products such as tea sets, tea trays, and other small gifts and products.

Zhang said she wants Music City Tea to be a place where people can gather to sit and chat while having a unique cultural experience where they learn and try new things. It is the welcoming environment and customer service-oriented experience she provides that sets her store apart from others, Zhang said.

She said she hopes that Music City Tea will continue to be a place that people come to try new things and learn more about her culture.

“We treat all of our customers like family and friends,” Zhang said.

Music City Tea

105 N. Maple St., Murfreesboro


Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sun. closed.

This report was written by Murfreesboro reporter Alana Thomas.