The Brentwood City Commission approved the addition of bike lanes on a stretch of Granny White Pike when the roadway is scheduled for repaving this June at its May 11 meeting.

The section of Granny White Pike scheduled to be repaved this summer stretches from the entrance of the Foxland Hall subdivision to the southern entrance of Brentwood Academy next to Powell Park.

Kimley-Horn, an engineering firm hired by the city, provided three options for the roadway’s repavement, including adding a buffered four-foot bike lane with 11-foot wide travel lanes and left turn lanes at the intersection only, a non-buffered three-foot bike lane with 10-foot wide travel lanes and continuous turning lanes and the lack of bike lanes.

After receiving feedback from the public from both social media and a public input meeting in February, the city commissioners said the second option was the most popular choice, and the commission voted 6-1 in favor of the three-foot bike lanes.

“The most comments that I received were requesting not to take away the continuous center turn lane,” Commissioner Regina Smithson said. “Even the ones who requested that Granny White stay the same accepted option two.”

According to a release from the city, a green epoxy paint will be used at several locations through intersections as well as green backgrounds for each of the required bike lane symbols.

“Given the traffic levels on the road, any change to the lane configuration would have an impact on the nearby residents as well as those who routinely travel the road,” City Manager Kirk Bednar said in a release. “We plan to use this through the intersections and with the symbols to create better visibility of the bike lanes and safety for those using them.”