Brentwood City Commission voted Sept. 23 to approve the second and final reading of an ordinance banning the operation of dockless scooters, electric bikes and other small electric vehicles on public roads, sidewalks and rights of way.

The approval of the ordinance is a preemptive strike against the operation of scooters in the city. While Brentwood city staff have previously received reports of scooters being left within city limits, companies are only currently permitted to operate within the city of Nashville.

The ordinance is only for short-term rental vehicles and does not apply to scooters and bikes that are privately owned, according to city attorney Kristen Corn. Brentwood city staff said the ordinance was brought forward for fear that scooters might be left on sidewalks or roadways when riders are done with them, causing a safety hazard. State law allows for municipalities to ban dockless small vehicles on the basis of safety concerns, according to Corn.

"Our city attorney has done a lot of work on this, and it's greatly appreciated. The city commission has done a lot of work on this," Vice Mayor Ken Travis said during the meeting. "We've discussed it thoroughly. It was discussed at the last meeting. Just because there's not a lot of comments right now doesn't mean it hasn't been discussed or that people don't care. People do care, and the comments I've gotten so far have been very positive for this, and I feel we're getting ahead of the situation, and I'd like to thank our city attorney for having the vision to do this."