Members of local nonprofit Bike Walk Brentwood have begun work to secure funding for the design of a proposed mountain-bike trail to be located in Brentwood’s Marcella Vivrette Smith Park.

The proposed trail, which would be 3-5 miles in length, would serve as a new amenity for mountain bikers in the Brentwood area as well as for students wishing to compete in interscholastic competitions. Members of the group hope the trail will help students interested in qualifying for groups such as the National Interscholastic Cycling Association have a place to practice and train.

Group members with Bike Walk Brentwood said there has been some initial concern over how the trail will fit in the park; however, members said they are working to educate the community on how the trail can be integrated in the back of the park, which they said is largely unused.

“We presented our survey data to the [city commission] that trails are a priority—now,” BWB junior board member Andrew Stanworth said. “For some reason, they won’t allow mixed trail usage at Smith Park, which they allow on other city trails.”

The park currently includes 6 miles of hiking trails as well as a bike path south of Ravenswood Mansion, which was completed in 2017, according to the city.

Marty Tank, a Brentwood resident and BWB board member, said the group has been working over the past months to educate the community, which has opened up a dialogue with city staff and officials.

“They seem to be much more open to visiting with us and meeting with us and talking with us and being open to our ideas,” Tank said. “All we're really asking for at this point is access. We're not asking the city to spend any money or really do much of anything. We just need to get access because it's on the back side of the park.”

BWB is pursuing a public-private partnership with the city to help the project move forward. The group expects to submit a grant proposal this summer to the International Mountain Bike Association and seeks to receive $5,000 that, combined with $5,000 in private funds, would help pay for the design of the trail.

The group is expected to make an announcement in September if funding is granted for the project.